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The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is pleased to announce that its sixth annual conference will be held on the beautifully scenic, academically renowned and culturally rich Bloomington campus of Indiana University. The theme of "Solid Foundations, Emerging Knowledge, Shared Futures" invites scholars of teaching and learning from around the world to share their evidence-based insights and theoretical frameworks for how to teach today's students to be tomorrow's most prepared citizens.

The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (ISSOTL) serves faculty members, staff, and students who care about teaching and learning as serious intellectual work. The goal of the Society is to foster inquiry and disseminate findings about what improves and articulates post-secondary learning and teaching. ISSOTL is organized to

  • Recognize and encourage scholarly work on teaching and prolearning in each discipline, within other scholarly societies, and across educational levels
  • Promote cross-disciplinary conversation to create synergy and prompt new lines of inquiry
  • Facilitate the collaboration of scholars in different countries and the flow of new findings and applications across national boundaries
  • Encourage the integration of discovery, learning and public engagement
  • Advocate for support, review, recognition, and appropriate uses of the scholarship of teaching and learning.

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