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The campus of Indiana University provides opportunities for you to experience a rich, diverse and broad array of culturally interesting activities and events. Although the conference schedule does not allow time for organized activities or tours we encourage you to take advantage of what is available on campus – often free of charge, most within easy walking distance of the Indiana Memorial Union.

To obtain information about events which are occurring during ISSOTL 2009, check the Events Calendar at: http://indianapublicmedia.org/events/

Museums & Special Events
• IU Art Museum | www.indiana.edu/~iuam
Designed by I.M. Pei, the building itself is a work of art. Galleries include Western Art, Ancient and Asian Art, Africa, Oceaniana and the Americas, and Special Exhibitions. Excellent gift shop.

• Lilly Library | www.indiana.edu/~liblilly
View rare and historic books, manuscripts and letters, as well as an extensive collection of mechanical puzzles.

• Mathers Museum of World Cultures | www.indiana.edu/~mathers
Travel the world from Australia to Zanzibar without leaving Bloomington.

• School of Fine Arts (SoFA) Gallery | www.fa.indiana.edu/~sofa
Enjoy contemporary art by nationally known artists and IU’s own students.

• Jordan Hall Greenhouse | www.bio.indiana.edu/resources/greenhouse/ IU
Biology provides space to grow plants that serve the teaching and research needs of the Department. The greenhouses contain many plants from around the world, which are grown in conservatory rooms open to the public.

• Kirkwood Observatory | www.astro.indiana.edu/kirkwood.shtml
Observe the skies on a summer evening. Check web site for schedule.

• The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction

The unique history, collections and research of the Kinsey Institute have established it as a leader internationally in scholarship, teaching and service in sexuality, gender and reproduction. Self guided tours are available during normal working hours. Visitors may view the Kinsey Art Gallery Monday through Friday 2:00 – 4:00pm.

Performing Arts
• Jacobs School of Music | www.music.indiana.edu
Attend an opera, recital concert, band performance from a world class school of music performed by world class musicians.

• Department of Theatre & Drama | www.indiana.edu/~thtr/
Experience award-winning classics and bold new premieres on three different stages and at the summer theatre in Nashville, Indiana (20 miles from the Bloomington campus)

Academically Renowned
Indiana University has a rich tradition of scientific excellence in biology, chemistry and related disciplines.   The interdisciplinary biotechnology programs are enhanced by a new multidisciplinary science research building which provides state-of-the art laboratories for research faculty from the fields of chemistry, biology and physics.  The University science program is enriched by the presence of a set of companies active in peptide and protein sciences such as Cook Pharmica, Baxter Pharmaceutical Sciences, Roche Diagnostics, Lilly Research Laboratories and a community of start-up biotechs.

Culturally Rich
The campus of Indiana University, along with the community of Bloomington, have created a sophisticated Midwestern cultural capital featuring international-caliber performances in opera, theater, music and dance – all in a small city setting. 

The University is home to one of the most acclaimed institutions for the study of music, the Jacobs School of Music (hyperlink to www.music.indiana.edu/about/).  APS participants will be treated to an evening of entertainment specially orchestrated by the School of Music for 21st Symposium guests.

The Bloomington campus is a careful blend of traditional and modern architecture set in a park-like environment.  Opportunities abound to run, walk or meander alongside streams, through woods, and along tree lined paths.  We invite you to preview some of the scenes that await you by taking a virtual campus tour!



Bloomington, Indiana (www.visitbloomington.com)
Bloomington is a modern, thriving city of about 69,000 which has earned the reputation of being culturally rich, ethnically diverse, economically strong and physically charming.

Dining:  The community offers an unusual and unusually broad array of ethnic restaurants – Moroccan, Indian, Japanese, Italian, Korean and Tibetan – all within easy walking distance of campus, most of which are moderately priced.  Several restaurants feature locally produced meats and produce.

Galleries.  Centered around the Courthouse in downtown Bloomington, a short walk from campus, you will find a number of small galleries featuring the work of many local artists and artisans. 

Music and Night Life.  Like the campus itself, the community of Bloomington is alive with music.  Local pubs, restaurants and night clubs are filled with music from bluegrass to jazz to country to hip-hop and rock.  The music scene in Bloomington is lively, diverse and rich.

The Surrounding Area:  Places of local interest…..a sampling
Caves – Quarries-Fossils-Limestone.  Outside of Bloomington, you will find that southern Indiana is a hilly area that was never glaciated by ice sheets – unlike the flatlands of northern Indiana.  Long subjected to erosion, it is an area of sharp ridge, deep gorges and scenic waterfalls.  There are also numerous caves and sinkhole, which have been formed in places where water action has dissolved the underlying limestone of the plateau.  It is a region studded with geological wonders of karsts and caves, fossils, rock formations and limestone quarries.
Marengo Cave:  www.marengocave.com
Blue Springs Cavern:  www.bluespringcaverns.com

Woods and Lakes.  Within 15 miles of downtown Bloomington lies Monroe Lake, the largest man-made lake/reservoir in Indiana where opportunities to rent a boat, take a swim or have a picnic reside.  The Charles Deem Wilderness and Brown County State Park, both about 20 miles from Bloomington, are havens for hikers and horseback riders with trails running through a canopy of the maples, oaks, sycamore, beech and walnut hardwoods.
Lake Monroe:  www.lake-monroe.com
Brown County State Park:  www.browncountystatepark.com
Charles Deem Wilderness www.slackpacker.com

Wineries.  Seven miles north of Bloomington, the gardens and the setting of Oliver Winery are as lovely as the wine they produce.  A tasting room provides an opportunity to sample local wines, tour the winery, gardens and relax on the outside patio overlooking the woods and pond.  Within walking distance of campus, you can visit Butler Winery (Indiana wine from Indiana grapes), sample local wines and purchase wine and beer making supplies.

Tibet Cultural Center.  A short distance outside of Bloomington, the Monogolian Tibet Cultural Center welcomes people of all religious faiths to join the monks for lessons, classes and visits to the Center.  The Tibet Cultural Center was last visited by the Dalai Lama in 2007.

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